Justice isn't blind.

We’re told it’s supposed to be, but the current state of our justice system says otherwise. The U.S. criminal justice system needs reform. We need to end mass incarceration.

The facts

The United States is facing an incarceration epidemic.

The Unites States of America has
  • 5% of the world's
  • &
  • 25% of the world's

People have developed a blind trust that the system works.

  • 350% incarceration has increased since 1980
  • 65% of those incarcerated will return to prison within 3 years

Pillars of reform

  • Community

    By focusing on our communities — and continuing to build trust between them and law enforcement — we’re best enabled to stop crime before it ever starts.

  • Courtroom

    Putting a spotlight on sentencing reform — such as reducing or eliminating mandatory minimums for nonviolent drug crimes — is the first crucial step towards finding the most effective solutions for society.

  • Cell Block

    Improving the conditions of our prisons — such as overcrowding, gang activity, rape, lack of job training, and more — will help those who have made mistakes get back on track and become contributing members of society.

You be the judge

Is the United States’ criminal justice system as broken as we think? See how your decisions affect the lives of individuals and our society at large through a game-like experience.

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